Why Trekkers hate Star Trek Discovery

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Star Trek Discovery has had a mixed reaction from audiences. But why? Why does a show like Discovery get so much hate?

1. Axanar

Fan films have been a part of Star Trek since the beginning.
The fan film Axanar had quite a buzz in the fan community. Being made with a real budget from a Kickstarter campaign (You can still see the 20 minute long pitch video they made on youtube.) This was going to tell the story of the Klingon Wars. The plot was interesting, and fans were excited!
Then CBS forced them to shut down the project citing copyright. In the aftermath CBS released official guidelines for fan films to follow. I should point out that CBS had every legal right to do this. but they could have gone about it in a better way.
When it was announced that Star Trek Discovery would be about the Klingon Wars…

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Primary Election Time!

As we approach the March Primaries in the State of Texas each person must decide what their priorities are going forward.

One of my priorities is to have Lt. Dan removed from office. The apparent better choice to replace him is Scott Milder a Republican from Rockwall, TX .  He says he wants to do the right thing for public schools. It will remain to be seen.

We are positive one thing, Lt. Dan must go. His narrow agenda of bathroom bills and school vouchers are bad for the people and students of the State of Texas.

On the link above it will take you to Scott Milder’s webpage for more information.

In football, more to consider than concussions for CTE risk

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FootballAmerica’s favorite pastime just got more problematic. New research suggests even mild head injuries, and not just concussions, pose a risk for the development of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a neurodegenerative disease linked to a host of cognitive and mental health concerns. It’s an important distinction because efforts to protect athletes of contact sports have focused on preventing concussions. http://bit.ly/2BwI1I6

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Don’t Call My Child an Annoying Pissant

A Boston radio personality has been suspended because he referred to Tom Brady’s child as a pissant. Audio-Video

Yes, that was an unnecessary comment but was it really far from the truth. I’m going to file this under

” I can call my child a pissant but you can’t”.

Listening to Tom speak further on this topic makes me think that he might get over it. Only time will tell. Hopefully, there is some redemption for this the radio personality and he doesn’t lose his career.

Great Weekend for Tiger Woods

Make the cut – Check

Play 4 rounds without blowing up round – Check

Minimize blow up holes – Check (only one double bogey or worse in four rounds)

Finish under par- Check

Finish in the top 25 – Check

Keep up the good progress in your come back.

Weekend golf is more fun when you are part of it, Tiger.



My Early Super Bowl Prediction

This and $5 might buy you something at Starbucks. Now on to my predictions.

Based on their performance in the last two rounds of the playoffs, I’m picking the New England Patriots to win 24-23.

Their beat a shorthanded Titans soundly, but struggled to beat Jacksonville last week. Jacksonville and their defense gave the Patriots a run for their money. The Jaguar’s offense was good enough to win, but in the end the defense was not able to stop Tom Brady even without Gronk.

I predict that the Patriots will do what they did last week. Get into the fourth quarter close enough to win. They will score late in the fourth to win the game.