Top 25 College Football Results

#1 Alabama defeated lowly Mercer 56-0

#2 Clemson defeated The Citadel 61-3

#3 Miami defeated Virginia 44-28

This sets up a Clemson vs. Miami ACC Championship Game on December 2nd in Charlotte, NC the winner will be in the final four, the loser is likely out.

#4 Oklahoma defeated Kansas 41-3

#4 Oklahoma will likely play #12 TCU on December 2nd for the Big 12 Championship in Arlington, TX

#5 Wisconsin defeated #24 Michigan 24-10

This sets up a Big 10 Championship Game against #9 Ohio State. This one will be interesting. If #5 Wisconsin wins then they are in the Final Four. If #9 Ohio State win, then it will be interesting.

#6 Auburn defeated Louisiana-Monroe 42-10

#7 Georgia defeated Kentucky 42-13

#8 Notre Dame defeated Navy 24-17

#9 Ohio State defeated Illinois 52-14

#10 Penn State defeated Nebraska 56-44

#11 USC defeated UCLA 28-23

USC qualified as the South Division representative in the PAC 12 Championship Game against Stanford, Washington or Washington State. UCLA Coach Jim Mora was fired on Sunday.

#12 TCU defeated Texas Tech 27-3

#13 Oklahoma State was upset by Kansas State 45-40

#14 Washington State Idle

#15 UCF defeated Temple 45-19

UCF remains undefeated and will likely be the Group of Five representative on January 1st

#16 Mississippi State defeated Arkansas 28-21

#17 Michigan State defeated Maryland 17-7

#18 Washington defeated Utah 33-30

#19 North Carolina State Idle

#20 LSU defeated Tennessee 30-10

#21 Memphis defeated SMU 66-45

#22 Stanford defeated California 17-14

#23 Northwestern defeated Minnesota 39-0

#24 Michigan lost to #5 Wisconsin 24-10

#25 Boise State defeated Air Force 44-19

All and all it was a pretty boring weekend. Notre Dame tried to give us some excitement before coming back to defeat Navy.  Let’s hope next week brings us some more interesting games.















What am I describing?

  1. Jam it in hard
  2. It’s not in all the way
  3. Just a little bit more
  4. Leave it in a little longer
  5. That last 16th of an inch matters
  6. You can take it out now

I know all your dirty minds are in the gutter. These are all phrases that are said frequently in retail in regards to using a credit card chip machine.

Not Bowling From Lincoln 2017

A month ago I wrote about the Nebraska Cornhuskers and their poor hire of a Head Football Coach. After getting blown out by Ohio State their record stood at 3-3. Since that time they have gone 1-2 with a 1-point victory over Purdue and losses to Northwestern and Minnesota.

Upcoming games are #10 Penn St. (8-2) and Iowa (6-4). It is very likely that they finish with 4 straight losses.

This means that they will finish with a 4-8 record and not qualify for a bowl game.

Since 1962 when Bob Devaney took over as Head Football Coach the Cornhuskers have only missed qualifying for a bowl game 4 times previously; twice under Devaney and twice under Bill Callahan.

For Nebraska to not qualify for a bowl game is strange, to say the least. This is just the end result of the mediocrity that Mike Riley brought with him from Oregon State.

When this season comes to a merciful end after the Iowa game let’s hope Riley is shown the door quickly so that a new coach can be found quickly.

The Top candidates are:

  1. Scott Frost – Head Coach University of Central Florida (Former Husker Player)
  2. Turner Gill – Head Coach Liberty University (Former Husker Player)
  3.  Mike Leach – Head Coach Washington State (New Athletic Director came from Washington State)

All three have a proven history of winning and two out of the three have Husker roots.

Have a nice day Coach Riley

College Football Matchups and Predictions for the Week of November 18th

#24 Michigan at #5 Wisconsin 11am

This is the only matchup between two top 25 schools this weekend.

As much as I would like to see Wisconsin win I am skeptical. This could be one of those games with the last possession wins. If Wisconsin wins it should give them enough confidence to finish the season unbeaten.

#3Miami hosts unranked Virginia 11am

The Hurricanes should continue their march toward the ACC Championship Game and a showdown with #2 Clemson.

#1 Alabama host lowly Mercer 11am

This should be a butt whipping. Not much to see here.

#2 Clemson host The Citadel 1120am

The Citadel is 5-5 meaning this should be a pretty boring game.

#4 Oklahoma travels to Kansas 230pm

Oklahoma should take care of business and be able to rest some people at the same time.

While the possibility exists I don’t  many opportunities for upsets this week. Navy could possibly upset Notre Dame. It depends on which Notre Dame shows up. If it is the one that went to Miami last week, then the Navy will leave South Bend with a victory. Remember that is why we play the games each week because anything is possible.




College Football Rankings Week #3

On Sunday I made a prediction on what the next CFP would look like. For the most part, I was correct.

Not sure why Clemson is ahead of Miami and Oklahoma, they lost to Syracuse (4-6) when Miami is undefeated and Oklahoma’s loss was to Iowa State (6-4), that spent several weeks in the top 25.

The next couple of weeks things will begin to sort themselves out as we near the end of the season and conference championship games. The PAC-12 looks to be the odd man out at this point, but time will tell.

College Football Playoffs My predictions in Blue
Rank School Record
1 Alabama (10-0) Alabama
2 Clemson (9-1) Miami
3 Miami (9-0) Oklahoma
4 Oklahoma (9-1) Clemson
5 Wisconsin (10-0) Wisconsin
6 Auburn (8-2) Georgia
7 Georgia (9-1) Auburn
8 Notre Dame (8-2) Ohio State
9 Ohio State (8-2) USC
10 Penn State (8-2) UCF
11 USC (9-2) TCU
12 TCU (8-2) Penn St.
13 Oklahoma State (8-2) Washington St.
14 Washington State (9-2) Oklahoma St
15 UCF (9-0) Notre Dame

Below 15 are irrelevant to the 4 playoff slots at the top of the rankings.
16 Mississippi State (7-3)
17 Michigan State (7-3)
18 Washington (8-2)
19 NC State (7-3)
20 LSU (7-3)
21 Memphis (8-1)
22 Stanford (7-3)
23 Northwestern (7-3)
24 Michigan (8-2)
25 Boise State (8-2)
25 Northwestern (7-3)

The Nolan Ryan Effect

Another congratulation to the Houston Astros for winning the 2017 World Series, their first championship in franchise history. They have lots of great young players with quality starting pitching. They are in a position to win several more in the next 5 years.

There is one factor that has not been mentioned, I call it the Nolan Ryan Effect. Since retiring from baseball as a player Nolan has had stayed close to baseball through owning parts of two minor league teams, being an executive with the Texas Rangers, and currently a consultant with the Houston Astros.

In 2008, Ryan joined the Rangers organization and seemed to change the mentality of the whole club. Their record improved for 3 straight years after that.

2008 (79-83)

2009 (87-75)

2010 (90-72) World Series Appearance

2011 (96-66) World Series Appearance

2012 (93-69)

2013 (91-72)

In 2013 departed the Rangers and in 2014 he joined the Houston Astros. over the next 4 seasons, the Astros improved their record to the point of winning the World Series this season.

2014 (70-92)

2015 (86-76)

2016 (84-78)

2017 (101-61) World Series Champions

I don’t believe that it is a coincidence that Nolan was a part of both organizations as they improved. There is just a presence about him that brings toughness and work ethic. Remember when Robin Ventura decided to charge the mound versus Nolan, the world got a first-hand vision of Nolan’s toughness.

Nolan is/was one of the true warriors of baseball.

The next couple of years should be fun in Major League Baseball with the young Astros set to make a run for several years.



“Propping up” Within The College Football Playoff Rankings

Each week I have an opportunity to listen to Joel Klatt on his week show on the The Ticket Radio Station with BaD Radio on Wednesdays at 2:30pm. Joel threw out an interesting theory, the theory of “propping up”. To simplify, basically the idea is that the CFP committee ranked certain teams higher than they truly should to make other look better than they really are.

For example, Georgia was ranked #1 the first two rankings because it “props up” Notre Dame. Previously Notre Dame was 8-1 with their only loss Georgia by 1 point. A one point loss to the #1 team added up to the fact that they must be the third best team in the country.

The ”propping up” of Notre Dame came crashing down with not one but two losses. First Georgia is defeated by Auburn 40-17 and then Notre Dame completed the end of their “propping up” by letting Miami score 34 unanswered points before scoring 8 points with 12 seconds remaining in the first half only to lose 41-8.

As we await the Week #3 CFP this Tuesday it will be interesting to see how the committee tries to manipulate the rankings this week and who they want to “prop up”.

An early prediction of the next rankings

  1. Alabama
  2. Miami
  3. Oklahoma
  4. Clemson
  5. Wisconsin
  6. Georgia
  7. Auburn
  8. Ohio State
  9. USC
  10. UCF
  11. TCU
  12. Penn State
  13. Washington State
  14. Oklahoma State
  15. Notre Dame
  16. Washington