Why Trekkers hate Star Trek Discovery

Odd Librarian Out

Star Trek Discovery has had a mixed reaction from audiences. But why? Why does a show like Discovery get so much hate?

1. Axanar

Fan films have been a part of Star Trek since the beginning.
The fan film Axanar had quite a buzz in the fan community. Being made with a real budget from a Kickstarter campaign (You can still see the 20 minute long pitch video they made on youtube.) This was going to tell the story of the Klingon Wars. The plot was interesting, and fans were excited!
Then CBS forced them to shut down the project citing copyright. In the aftermath CBS released official guidelines for fan films to follow. I should point out that CBS had every legal right to do this. but they could have gone about it in a better way.
When it was announced that Star Trek Discovery would be about the Klingon Wars…

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